Minutes of the OBOD Camp Trustees Meeting, 2 May 2009

Minutes of the OBOD Camp Trustees Meeting, 2 May 2009

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Date: 2nd May 2009

Present: Ash Khan, Finance; Chris Park, Site; Jacky Khan, Catering; Mo Bennett, Bookings; Louise Bennett, Communications; Sue Bodger and Lizzie Fotheringham, Elders.

Ash agreed to take the chair. Mo agreed to minute the meeting.

0.128 Apologies for absence — Chris Park, Lizzie.

0.129 Minutes of the last meeting — 0.122 Chris has yet to post child protection policy to Mo for consideration, follow up with Chris. 0.123 Two places on a health and hygiene course have been booked in July for Jacky and Jade to attend. 0.125 Chris check if he has requested and received a deposit and asked Neil if he has public liability insurance cover for the hire of a yurt. The minutes were signed as being a true and accurate account by all present.

0.130 Job descriptions — Lou and Ash have now presented theirs. Mo wishes to take off items 14.4, 14.5, and 14.6 from hers and give them to Ash. These are about account reports.

0.131 Complaints protocol, final draft approval — There is a further slight amendment and Sue will send the amended copy to all highlighting this.

0.132 Lughnasadh Camp — focalisers, Vision statement, proposed timetable so far. These were viewed by the trustees who gave their support to the vision and proposed draft timetable. Mo is a focaliser for Lughnasdh Camp and will provide a link between the focalisers and Trustees for this camp. Sue has looked at the timetable in detail with Tracey and provided suggestions and support in her role as an Elder. The trustees agreed to provide funding of up to £200 for a guest speaker to give a workshop at Lughnasadh Camp. Fees, these remain the same as last Lughnasadh Camp, ie Daily rate, £23 full fee, £16 concession, Children under 10 are free, children 10-18, £9. Booking form approval. Confirmation of bookings approval. Jacky requested a section about dietary needs and this will be added. Mo requested a cut off point for bookings as she was inundated with last minute bookings up to the day before camp. The trustees have set the date for the last bookings to be 14 days before camp and therefore on 10th July 2009. Sue also requested a cut of point of 14 days for requesting an initiation at camp and this has been agreed by all present. Lou will look at rewording the first half of the booking form.

0.133 Crew, food — No money available for start of crewing. Crew need a float of £250 for food and £150 for equipment repair and replacement etc. To be given to site coordinator by the site trustee for the first day of crewing. The money must be requested prior to this date so that Ash can forward a cheque to Chris in time for him to accomplish this. Site coordinator also needs £250 for tat-down. S/he can be given this on the last day of camp. We need 50 new bender poles for Lughnasadh camp and a further 100 new bender poles for Samhuin camp. Ash will talk to Chris about sourcing these. Sue suggested Bodger may be able to help with poles for Samhuin Camp. The wood provided for campfires was green and therefore unsuitable. Madeleine requested its return and obtained seasoned wood from and alternative supply. She will organise the wood for Lughnasadh Camp as we were pleased with the quality of the replacement wood. The plastic mats outside the yurts were a success, Ash will speak to Nick to see if he can source some more for the shower and sauna, wellbeing and kid’s space etc. Jade can source replacement carpets etc. at cheap prices.

0.134 Bursaries — Ash has been in contact with a couple who requested a bursary but the trustees are unable to provide this at the moment.

0.135 How can we improve communications between trustees? Lou has asked that the trustees commit to regularly answering their emails. Ash suggested that no response within a period of time suggests agreement. Further discussion on decision making and timeframe to be discussed at next meeting.

0.136 Beltaine camp — How was it for you? This has been deferred until the next meeting to give us time to reflect. Generally though, very successful. Lou, Bo and Neil will meet in the future and draft out some future guidelines for focalisers.

0.137 Gifts for outgoing triad etc. — Sue bought the surprise items previously discussed and it was agreed to give one each to Ruth and Keith for their services to OBOD Camps. Also to both, a year’s worth of free camps and to Joe and Briar, one free camp each of 9 days. Mo will contact Briar and Jacky and Ash will contact Keith, Ruth and Joe to let them know about the free camps.

0.138 Matters of urgency — Site, Kieran was concerned there is not enough crew for tat-down so it was suggested we ask people on camp to give an hour of help before they leave the field. This was accomplished.

0.139 Items for agenda of next meeting? Beltaine Camp, How was it for you? Replacement of red yurt carpet (Mo)

AOB Elders — Sue and Idris will be the Lugh Camp Elders and Sue has suggested a couple of other names for the Elder Pool ie. A couple of names were suggested. Adrian, Lizzie and Raven cannot commit to coming to Lugh Camp this year.

0.140 Date of next meeting — Mo suggests the weekend of 6-7th June. Let me know your preferences.