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*Items to be discussed at AGM
**Items to have additional supporting document (SD)

Adopted on the February 2 2009 Wild ways Imbolc camp

The constitution in its current form has been agreed by the members who attended the Imbolc AGM at Wildways February 2009

1 Adoption of the Constitution

O.B.O.D Camps and its property will be administered and managed in accordance with the provision of this constitution.

2 The Name

The association's name is "O.B.O.D. Camps"

3 The Objectives

The O.B.O.D. Camps' objectives are to create four seasonal camps a year to celebrate the festivals commonly known as Imbolc, Bealtinne, Lughnasadh and Samhuinn. Providing a safe and inspiring sacred space for members and guests to join in community living, creative expression and a nature based spiritual practice, its core values, practices and observances being in alignment with those of the Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.

4 Application of the Income and Property

4.1 a)The income and property of O.B.O.D Camps shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the Objectives.

*4.1. b) O.B.O.D. Camps may boost its revenue by means of hire of equipment to external agencies, where such hire does not diminish its capacity to present events and activities or contradict its aims and principles. **SD

4.2 A Trustee, Co-ordinator, Elder, Crew member and focalisers may only be reimbursed from the property of the association for reasonable expenses properly incurred by him or her when acting on behalf of O.B.O.D. Camps.

4.3 No trustee, co-ordinater Elder or crew member may be paid for service or office. **SD

4.4 The Trustees are responsible for the maintenance and renewal of property. The Trustees will annually advertise the dates for equipment maintenance workshops among the membership. **SD

4.5 The purchasing of new equipment above £500 is to be discussed by membership at a general meeting.

5 Dissolution

5.1 If the members resolve to dissolve O.B.O.D. Camps the Trustees will remain in office and be responsible for winding up the affairs of O.B.O.D. Camps in accordance with this clause.

5.2 The Trustees must collect all the assets of O.B.O.D. Camps and must pay or make provision for all the liabilities of the association.

The Trustees must apply any remaining property or money:

  1. directly for the Objectives;
  2. by transfer to any similar association or associations with similar aims and principles.

5.3 The members may pass a resolution before or at the same time as the resolution to dissolve O.B.O.D. Camps specifying the manner in which the Trustees are to apply the remaining property or assets. The Trustees must comply with the resolution if it is consistent with sub clause 5.2 & (b)

5.4 In no circumstances must the net assets of the association be distributed among its members without resolution.

6 Amendments

Any provision contained in this constitution may be amended provided that it is made by resolution passed by a quorum of the members present and voting at a general meeting.

7 Membership

7.1 Membership of O.B.O.D camps is open to O.B.O.D members over 16 who have attended an O.B.O.D. Camps event or meeting in the last three years (not including the current event.).

Non O.B.O.D members and former camp attendees may apply for membership to the trustees.

7.2 An O.B.O.D. Camps member can

  1. Stand for election to any of the elected positions,
  2. Propose members for election to any of the elected positions.
  3. Propose items for discussion and voting at O.B.O.D Camps' general meetings.
  4. Discuss and vote on items at general meetings
  5. Propose themes and formats for O.B.O.D. Camps.
  6. Offer their skills and services in production of O.B.O.D. Camps.

7.3 O.B.O.D. Camps members are under no obligation to exercise their rights of membership.

*7.4 Membership may be terminated if:

The member is removed from membership by a resolution of the Trustees and that it is in the best interests of O.B.O.D. Camps that his or her membership is terminated. For a full procedure please reference………….

**See Separate Document for dealing with membership and trustee issues

8 General Meetings

8.1 An O.B.O.D. Camps general meeting is a gathering of members, convened for the purpose of exchanging information and for the making of decisions regarding the conduct of business, through discussion and voting.

8.2 A general meeting is open to all current members. Non-member guests may be invited by any member. **Please see supporting document

8.3 Each year an Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held. within 15 months of the previous AGM.

Notice of the AGM will be a minimum of 3 months (to be communicated in advance).

A typical general meeting to include:

  1. Identify and record those present and their role.
  2. Welcoming/opening circle including apologies.
  3. Reading and approval/ amendment for the record of previous meeting minutes.
  4. Reading of the previous minutes/agenda should be advised at least 24hrs before meeting.
  5. Progress through minutes & agenda and possibly voting on items presently raised as 'any other business' (AOB)
  6. Agreement of future meeting date and items to be carried forward.
  7. Closing circle and minutes signed off by the Chairperson.
  8. All minutes must be made available and accessible within 21 days of the meeting.

8.3.1 Some meetings may require the inclusion of a general sharing circle.

8.3.2 Any member may propose that a talking stick be introduced into the discussion of a specific item and the customary rules should then apply. This is best done in a sharing circle.

8.3.3 Only the Chair may interject within a talking stick circle.

8.4 All current members will be informed by the Trustees, of the date, time and whereabouts of all general meetings at least 1 month in advance.

8.5 A special general meeting may be called by the Trustees or by a minimum of 12 members who notify their request in writing.

8.6 The minimum number of Trustees required for a general meeting is at least half of the existing number.

8.7 A Trustee may not appoint anyone to attend a meeting on their behalf.

9 Quorum

9.1 No business shall be transacted at any general meeting unless a quorum is present.

9.2 A quorum is to be at least 30 people who hold membership at the time.

9.3 If quorum is not present the Trustees must reconvene the meeting with 7 clear days notice… with all existing elected members retaining their roles for 3 months, or until next reconvened meeting.

10 Chair

General meetings shall be chaired by the person who has been previously elected as Chair. Any member may be the Chair-person. The position must be adhered to for the duration of that meeting.

11 Votes

11.1 An O.B.O.D. Camps Member may vote at any O.B.O.D. Camps general meeting.

11.2 All members must try to solve issues by consensus. However if this can not be achieved than a vote must be cast and one motion carried by majority. If there is an equality of votes, the Chair must decide on the ruling. **SD for consensus management and role of chair

11.3 Proxy voting on behalf of an absent member is acceptable if supported by a written request.

12 Proposals for constitutional changes

12.1 Any member may propose changes (addition, deletion or amendment) of the constitution.

12.2 Proposals for changes to the constitution should be submitted to a Trustee who will ensure the proposal is included in the agenda of the next meeting.

The following issues will be put before the membership for voting if required:

  1. Proposals for changes to the constitution and thereby changes of policy;
  2. Election of Trustees. This is to be only at the AGM except under special circumstances

13 Proposals for election of Trustees

13.1 Any member may propose someone to be a Trustee. This may include themselves. Anyone proposed may decline. All such proposals must be seconded by one other member.

13.2 The voting of elected members will take place only at the AGM unless a reduction in the number of holders of any elected position falls below the recommended minimum, whereupon voting must occur at a meeting.

14 Trustees, Co-ordinators, Elders & Crew

**SD as discussed for job roles and expectations for all posts
*And to be discussed

14.1 The administration and co-ordination of O.B.O.D. Camps, in between camps, will be carried out by a group of Trustees annually elected out of and by the membership.

14.2 The recommended number of Trustees is 5. with a 6th member to be a selected Elder. By invitation.

14.2.1 There are a number of roles of Office that can be assigned to individual Trustees:

  1. Communications (mail outs/information/feedback), and liaison with Chosen Chief of O.B.O.D;
  2. Finance/Treasury;
  3. Site/Equipment/Crew;
  4. Catering.
  5. Bookings
  6. Representing Elder

14.3 The Trustees will meet in between camps at 'Trustees Meetings'.

14.4 The Trustees will be responsible for receiving and accepting or rejecting proposals from members who wish to focalise a camp.

14.5 Co-ordinator roles of responsibility are proposed and voted in at general meetings. These roles are:

  1. Gate;
  2. Kitchen;
  3. Well Being;
  4. Children's Area;
  5. Teenager area;
  6. Site Manager

14.5.1 Site Manager may be a different person for each camp, and if possible all 4 managers for the year are proposed and voted in at an AGM

14.6 Co-ordinators may claim a free camp for the camp they are working on.

14. 7 Elders are proposed at general meetings. They are preferably in the Druid Grade of O.B.O.D

14.8 The minimum number of Elders on one camp is 3

14.9 The Elders have 'the buck stops here' ultimate responsibility whilst a camp is running.

14.10 Any Elder may call an Elder meeting

14.11 Elders must arrange meetings and meet at the O.B.O.D. Camp

14.12 The Elder's customary roles are:

  1. Initiations;
  2. Mediation;
  3. Counselling/Emotional Support;
  4. Guidance;
  5. Information;
  6. Decisions

14.13 Kitchen Crew are managed by the kitchen co-ordinator

14.14 Any member can volunteer to be kitchen crew with preference to those who are O.B.O.D. members before guests.

*14.15 Kitchen Crew may claim 1 free day at a camp for 1 kitchen shift (typically 4 hours) to be taken within 1year from the hours worked.

14.16 Site Crew are managed by the Site Manager

14.17 Any member may volunteer as site crew. with preference to those who are O.B.O.D. members before guests.

*14.18 Site crew may claim 1 free day at camp for 7 hours work to be taken within 1 year from the hours worked.

15 Focalisers

15.1 The Trustees have the ultimate responsibility for the in between camp production of O.B.O.D. Camps. However, they rely on members coming forward with proposals.

15.2 The suggested number of Focalisers for one camp is 3 with the minimum of 2 at any camp.

15.3 Any member or group of members may approach the Trustees with a proposal to focalise an O.B.O.D. Camp. Trustees, Co-ordinators and Elders can also be Focalisers if they wish or if no proposals are put forward or accepted.

15.4 The Focalisers will arrange workshop facilitators, teachers and lecturers, and entertainment and may also facilitate/teach/lecture.

15.5 The day to day events, meetings and activities of an O.B.O.D Camp will be the responsibility of the Focalisers supported by the Co-ordinators and Elders.

16 Proceedings of Trustees

16.1 The Trustees may regulate their proceedings as they see fit, subject to the provisions of the constitution.

16.2 Any Trustee may call a meeting of the Trustees

16.3 The Communications Officer must call a meeting of the Trustees if requested to do so by a Trustee.

16.4 Questions arising must be decided by a majority vote.

16.5 Minimum number of Trustees at a meeting for decision to be made is 3.

17 Disqualification and Removal of Trustees, Co-ordinators & Elders

17.1 A Trustee, Co-ordinator or Elder or focalisers shall cease to hold office if he or she:

  1. becomes incapable by reason of mental disorder, illness or injury of managing and administrating his or her own affairs;
  2. resigns as a Trustee, Co-ordinator or Elder;
  3. is absent without good reason or apologies of the Trustees or Elders meetings;
  4. acts in breach of the constitution

18 Established Ground Rules

**SD to be drafted with all points regarding camp etiquette

18.1 Members are expected to use the gate on entry and exit of the camp

18.2 O.B.O.D. Camps does not tolerate the use of illegal drugs at any of its events. Anyone found using, passing or trading illegal substances will be dealt with promptly and openly by the Elders, Trustees, Focalisers or their representatives.

*18.3 The responsible use of alcohol is tolerated by adults in privacy at Lughnasadh gatherings. The use of alcohol at Beltaine is not tolerated until further discussion.

19 Health & Safety

**A disclaimer was mentioned for *further discussion.

19.1 The Trustees must ensure that adequate insurance cover is purchased and up to date for all outdoor events

19.2 The Trustees should operate with awareness of current health and safety requirements.

20 Advertising and Communication

20.1 Information of all forthcoming camps will be available on the O.B.O.D. and O.B.O.D. Camps websites, through Touchstone and any other accessible form of communication medium.

20.2 All members will be invited to join an official O.B.O.D. Camps 'internet chat group'.

21 Administration

21.1 The current constitutional document will be held and distributed by one or more of the elected Trustees. Copies of the constitutional document will be made available at meetings for open perusal by the membership.

21.2 A copy of the current constitutional document will be made available on the official camp web site, also available by post, to any member.

A fee will be applied to cover post and printing cost at £ …… .per request. Requests can be made to the Trustees.

21.3 The communications officer will maintain a mailing list.

21.4 Any address lists given out are for personal and not commercial use.

21.5 The proceedings of all general meetings will be accurately minuted. All such minutes will be signed off by the chair prior to posting and will be read out and communicated to members,.

21.6 The proceedings of all Trustees meetings will be accurately minuted. All such minutes will be signed off by the chair prior to posting and will be read out and communicated to members,.

21.7 A copy of all ratified minutes will be held by the secretary.

21.8 A copy of the current ratified minutes will be made available on the official camp web site, also available by post, to any member.

A fee will be applied to cover post and printing cost at £ …… .per request. Requests can be made to the Trustees.

21.9 The minutes of all meetings will be made available at all general meetings for open perusal by the membership.

All points hereafter are ideas suggested by tribe