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Alex's 2009 Lughnasadh Report

wow another fabulous chillout camp - though I'm none too fond of the rain...

(a quick end of week recount)

I got to camp this year at the later end of the week - Thursday (a day of brilliant sunshine and showers) - arriving just before the "wide game". Perhaps this is why after one day I had lost all mind chatter about stuff in the real world...

The "wide game" was excellent for kids who seem to be slowly taking over the camp; I'm sure there were more of the small pink people than adults this year. The idea as I recall it was to get an element from each of the elemental bodies - elements of fun and mischief (who found out soaking kids in water comes back to haunt you...) element of..... SUPPRISE!...looking very alluring with blue paint around her eyes... Elements of fire and water were wondering around a bit more demurely - Element of fires hair with red feathers was fantastic... Element of air in wispy green with green body paint and lastly and most mystically Element of magic(k) looking like Cerridwen who stirred a big kitchen like cauldron in the eating area under canvas.

After a bit of donating elemental pieces and chanting something I vaguely remember - Goon show? Ekke Ekke something  something .... (the episode of the Lurgy? or was it from the flying batterpudding hurler?).... Out from a yurt came a fantastic red dragon with nice shiny bits on his/her back.. and walked around the campfire before being told to run... Not entirely sure why, perhaps something about the fastest dragon being entered into the Guinness book of records

Liv Torcs brilliant poetry on Thursday evening (rated 15+) left us grinning and wondering whether there really would be a queue of eligible young men queuing outside her tent... Oh Mistress bumblebee!

Here I'll pause and say that last year I made the massive mistake of bringing my own food and being in some ways apart from everyone. This year I corrected that and with a great deal of relief didn't bother to bring food. The provided food was excellent (and a damn site more healthy than the stuff I usually cook at camp!). Its rather odd coming home and then eating worse food than I did at camp.

Next year I promise to come for the week and bring CAKE - to help with the camp funds. - fruit cake, homemade shortbread biscuits, date slices and flapjacks... my specialities - I forgot to take any emails -mine is  alex @ magickal.co.uk

The play on friday night was brilliant the cats were very funny, (woof!), quite unexpectedly entertaining and at such short notice! The point at which the cats realised there was an (actor) who was not a cat but a dog (hissss) and at the same point the old black, (part of the audience and very real) dog wandered onto the stage was priceless.

I wasn't there at the beginning but I have to say elongating the kitchen area with the wooden structure was a brilliant idea.

Some rain, basket weaving, knitting more rain, food, campfire smoke, sawing wood, more food and rain later... I found myself bringing the lovely Fiona who came to talk about the disappearance of bees in the southern Yurt while the druids versus the kids football tournament raged outside. The bee talk started to fill in some gaps, the spiders web of ideas and concepts was beginning in my mind to join. We had all previously been talking and launching (or re-launching) the idea or buying land for the camp, owning space for tents and owning land that would provide the food, owning woodland to provide the fuel and heat. Fiona talked about the changes necessary for bees to survive - the impact of today's farming methods pesticides and so on would have to change and we would eventually be forced back into smaller communities...

More food and washing up later Caitlin Matthews gave a fantastic workshop concerning the various winds and intoning singing to them. My only regret is I didn't bring paper or a recording device so that I could recall it all back in the "real world"...

Blessings and fierce hugs and lice free hair to you all!

(not the cornish one and not Element of Mischief)