EGM - Imbolc Camp 2009

Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) - Imbolc Camp 2009

“We are the old people,
we are the new people,
we are the same people,
wiser than before…”

This is Liv, reporting from the end of Imbolc Camp 2009, where an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) has been taking place to establish the future of the new OBOD Camps…

We are delighted to report that with the first snowdrops, a new constitution and structure for a new camps has been created – in the spirit of love, cooperation and with a clear focus and intent.

From the disillusion of the old system and roles – a new constitution and a new team (with some familiar faces) has been unanimously voted in by those OBOD Camp members in attendance.

What we all want to know:

Trustees of O.B.O.D Camp

All the below were seconded by members present at EGM feb 2009 and are aware that roles are to be re-voted at the AGM Lugnasa 2009 and roles are to be held for the duration of both camps.

Co-ordinator Roles

Elders Pool

(of which 3 will be holding roles on camp)


Further Info

Immediate Contact Needs

(numbers and emails to follow shortly)

Love and many blessings from the land of Cornovi

Liv Torc – Communications Trustee OBOD Camps 2009